Why You Need Odour Control In Your Stables

If you run a horse stable, you should expect to perceive a bit of an odour in and around the stable. This is to be expected because you have many horses hanging around the stable. They eat, urinate and defecate in the stable. Given this scenario, if you expect there will be no odour at all in your stable, you would be expecting too much. However, this is not to say that your horse stable should have the terrible stench of an ill-maintained pigsty. You can take positive steps to give the stable a it of odour control. Try out the tips below and you will minimize the odour in and around your stable. 

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A Regular Cleaning Schedule

One way to control odours in your stable is to stick to a regular cleaning schedule. You need personal hygiene and so do your horses. For this reason, you should come up with an effective cleaning system and sick to it religiously. Hose down the mats and ensure they are properly dried before you bring them back into the stable. In addition, you should change the bedding regularly and even give the horses a bath as often as you can. Now, this is a lot of work but the result will be healthier horses and a better smell in your stables. 

Air Circulation

Air flow and air circulation is one way to ensure that you minimize bad odours in your stable. This is simply a matter of getting it right from the construction stage of the stable. The stable should be constructed in such a way that there is cross-ventilation. With windows on opposite sides of the stable, you are sure that air flow will not be a problem. Even if the windows were not properly placed at the beginning, you can contact an expert to do the necessary renovation for you. It also helps if you have fans in your stables. This ensures air circulation during the winter months when you may not open the windows often.  

Go for Odour-Blocking Bedding

Another way of carrying out odour control is to go for odour-blocking bedding. There are many excellent options out there but the best ones for you are the absorbent wood and hemp bedding. These products ensure that the urine and other things that can cause odours are taken care of effectively. It is also good for your horses because the right bedding keeps them dry and makes them healthy and happy horses. 

Use Deodorizers

If you want to minimize or get rid of bad odours in your stable, the smart move is to use deodorizers. These products come in different forms and they can help you combat offensive odours in and around the stable. You can even go for the purely natural products because they are safer for your horses. 
Final WordYou have no reason to tolerate offensive odours in your stable. Your horses need a clean and sweet-smelling environment and so do you. Invest in the right odour control measures and your horses will thank you.