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Pacific Wild Horse Club

Dedicated to it's mission statement always, the Pacific Wild Horse Club has been doing everything it can to Preserve and Protect Americas Mustangs. With a strong member base of Mustang Owners and Lovers alike, The PWHC get attention for the plight of the American Mustang and is a force to be reckoned with.

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Adopt a Living Legend

Adopting a Mustang is a decision that will change you forever! Please consider adding one of these amazing animals into your family, you will never be the same again. Let us show you the many ways that a BLM mustang can join your family, and you decide which one works best for you!

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Riata The Raffle Horse

Each year the PWHC picks a horse to train to the very best of our ability, to be as well rounded as they can possibly year. This horse is trained for a minimum of 6 full months and is exposed to as many places and sites as we can throw at them. This horse is raffled off each year at the Oregon State Fair Mustang Days. Good Luck!

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Who is PWHC?

The Pacific Wild Horse Club is a registered 501 c3 non-profit Organization for over 35 years in 2016! We are a group of Mustang Owners and Mustang lovers who have banded together to work for our American Mustangs. The Pacific Wild Horse club works very hard to strive for the highest level of education about […]

What’s Happening?

2016 Raffe Horse Riata

Meet Riata the Pacific Wild Horse Club 2016 Raffle Horse! Riata is a 2010, Liver Chestnut mare from the Cold Springs Herd Management Area in Oregon. She was rounded up at 6 months old, still with her Mother. She was adopted when she was 2 years old and lived in Redmond Oregon, was started under […]

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